The Goal

  • Deliver social services at a remarkable level of quality and consistency.
  • Ground the project through community-led design and local affordability.
  • Effectively transform communities so that children thrive and families prosper.

Fundamentally change the way we serve the most vulnerable and underserved.

The Opportunity

We bring a network of proven social businesses together into an enterprise platform delivering essential services – clean water, quality health care, and agricultural livelihoods — at affordable prices. The platform is real and virtual – located in villages and powered by technology.

Asili is customer-centered, built in collaboration with the people who use it. Uncovering and addressing their aspirations, we have designed a service that will sustain and thrive.

How we built it

Demonstrate business models viable for the poor, self-sustaining and ready to scale.

The Platform

Asili uses an integrated platform to tackle both supply and demand.

Delivering essential services will immediately save lives and improve opportunities.

Integrated Services create a network that helps members care for their children and improve their livelihoods.
Mobile & Database Technology facilitates collection of rich member data to deepen connections between consumers and the enterprise.
A Membership Model gives customers access to discounted and subscription-based services.
The Platform
Asili is Different!

Asili is different!

Designed by the Customer
Human-centered design firm put the design of Asili directly into the hands of Congolese mothers, treating them with the utmost dignity and respect and always working with families’ capacity to pay for services in mind.

Business Driven
The Asili model is designed for viability in low resource settings and to be franchisable for local entrepreneurs. Asili is a plug-and-play business platform that allows the expansion of additional services over time – increasing viability by expanding both profitability and value of the enterprise.

How Asili will grow

The Impact

We are currently launching our first zones, reaching families in rural communities in eastern DRC with direct access to the Asili network and services.

Communities will be empowered with the purchasing power to invest in a brighter future, while responding to their own diverse and fluctuating needs.

Social impact will be achieved through an integrated set of services that directly target community wellbeing.

Asili Logo

Consistent and high quality diagnosis, treatment, and drugs provided at every visit.


Water sources will improve to 0% contamination (down from existing levels of 80%).


Farmer income will be tripled through technical services, market linkages and improved outputs.

Each Asili enterprise will be profitable in
3 years.

The Numbers

Achieving profitability in year 3

How do you help?

Invest Now

Let’s Deliver on the promise of Asili!

The first phase of development of the Asili network is currently taking shape, with our first two zones emerging in and around the city of Bukavu in eastern DRC. The first zone launches in June 2014.

We’re excited to share more about the project, including ways you can invest in this exciting new approach to child survival. Interested in investing in Asili?

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